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Opportunity and Pressure Risks for Fraud

June 15, 2021

Hey guys! This season, we are focused on taking preventative measures to avoid fraud and other financially improper conduct related to nonprofits.

On this week of Non Profit Ace, we are examining a case out of California regarding fraud and a bookkeeper. We look at the opportunity for fraud concerning her role and the access she had to financial records, as well as the internal/external pressures she faced, both in her career and personal life that drove her to commit this act. Tune in for an analysis of how you can prevent certain opportunities for fraud in your organization, as well as reducing pressures as an employer which drives staff to feel the need to carry out illegal acts.

Closer Look

  • Janice Carlstrom crime explained
  • Spotting gaps in checks and balances with duties
  • Using bank reconciliation to prevent fraud
  • Understanding potential staff pressure

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